Homeward Bound

The Homeward Bound sound may be fresh and new, but the origins of this duo have been bubbling away for some years now. The dynamic combination of Jimblah and Goji (Georgia B) is one fans of both individually have enjoyed for years, but when they joined forces to embark on this new creative journey, something new was awakened between the two.

From writing and recording sessions sprung a colourful and vibrant fusion of the electronic and hip hop - two distinctive pools of influence that both artists blended in identifying the Homeward Bound sound.

Debut single ‘Island’ landed to praise and a desire for more from the duo, marking a distinct shift in tone for Jimblah. Having already released who had already released Phoenix and Face The Fire through Elefant Traks, his return with Homeward Bound brought with it a revitalised and excitingly curious energy. Paired with the strength of Goji, the arrival of Homeward Bound was one that seemed surprising and overdue at the same time.

“Ultimately, we want the audience to know that we are open to explore music as a whole, to not be boxed in when it comes down to genres. We are both huge fans of music in general, so we want that to be evident in the music we play with. As more of this first record comes to light, it will become more and more evident of where we gravitate sonically, and that’s quite a big spectrum.”

The project first started in 2015, after both Jimblah and Goji wanted to explore different sounds and avenues to the ones they had already built platforms for themselves on. Bringing together two opposite sets of creative and musical palettes, the partnership developed in new ways - ways that were eventually explored on record.

An ever present element of Homeward Bound’s music is a constant, permeating positive energy. ‘Island’ beautifully introduces this lightness both artists carry themselves with on record; a grace and flair that encourages the listener to lose themselves in the music and enjoy.

A fun experience for the listener and the artists, Homeward Bound found inspiration in each other and were able to channel that into their music, letting it rebound of each sound laid down.

“It means so much and it’s the most incredible feeling to see what inspired and resonated within you, be able to connect with someone else on that deeper level.”

Most recently, Homeward Bound have continued to lay the foundations of their first record with new single, ‘Be’. Remaining in the same tropical house lane as ‘Island’, ‘Be’ strides forward with confidence. A self-affirmed and assertive pop single that shirks hate and self-doubt, ‘Be’ is another strong step toward a summer of new music for Homeward Bound.

“We are quite polar opposites, so we can encourage and bring a lot out of each other in that sense, those things that normally wouldn’t be brought to the forefront of our individuality.”

The new single is an example of the drive behind both Jimblah and Goji’s new output. A lesson in embracing yourself as you are, ‘Be’ is the latest piece of the Homeward Bound puzzle that has fallen into place with urgency and flair.

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